Rewards Referrals

Rewards & Referrals

After you rent your first Bounce House from Big Blast Rentals, you become eligible for the rewards and referral program.


The Rewards program is simple: Every 3rd event that you rent from Big Blast Rentals, your bounce house rental (1 Rental) will be discounted half price, ( no unit can rent for less than half price), up to the half price point of your highest priced past rental.
Simply put, if the hightest priced rental you rented from Big Blast Rentals during your first two rental events was $170.00, then you will save up to, but no more than $85.00 on your third rental.

**** can only save $100.00 on castle slide.****


For every referral you personally refer, who rents a bounce house from Big Blast Rentals, you will be given a $10.00 credit towards your next rental, with a max of five referrals credited to any one Bounce House rental at one time.
Please remember, this referral program kicks in after you have rented your first Bounce House from Big Blast Rentals.
After your first rental, your name will be in our records. So please make sure that your referrals give us your name, so we can record your credit properly.